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Training your Border Collie to work livestock or compete in dog trails is a life changing experience.  It will transform the way you regard your dog and forge a lifetime bond.  There is nothing more rewarding once you’ve experienced the Border Collie instinct and have mastered the communication with your dog.

Border Collie Gage

Best of all it’s a two way street!  Once trained, your Border Collie will blossom with confidence and determination to please.  We hope you’ll become a part of CQ’s family of dog owners.

Levels of Training offered for Border Collies and all breeds of dogs:

Basic Obedience: Learning boundaries, rules, commands such as; sit, down, stay and come. As well as, walking on leash at your side and behaving when at rest.    

Level One Herding: round pen with sheep developing the natural balance and the 6 & 12 with the handler.  Basic verbal commands; Way, Bye, There, Stay, Come, Here to me, Down and That Will Do. Beginning of outrun and retrieval of flock.   

Level Two Herding: advanced commands such as Drive-a-way and reverse flanking while working sheep out in the open with emphasis on extensive outrun and retrieval of flock.
Level Three Herding: optional graduation to cattle herding using all voice commands and beginning whistle commands.  Pasture outruns, drive-a-ways, reverse flanking, beginning obstacle training and pen work.

Level Four Herding: open pasture training with voice or whistle commands.  Extensive outrun retrieval on foot or horseback.  Movement of livestock about pasture and through coarse and obstacles using dog further & further away from handler.


Trials, Jackpots & Results




 CQ's Classic Cow DogTrial Results 

 March 13 & 14. 2010   

Thanks to all Entries, Sponsors and Spectators                    

who made this a very successful Trial.     

                                    Results listed: 

Sat. Open:                                               Sun. Open:
1. Tom Blasdell/Heifer - $220.             1. Judi Schmidt/Minnie - $220.
2. Anna Guthrie/Riddle - $140.             2. Tom Blasdell/Heifer - $165.
3. Tom Blasdell/Moxi - $140.                3. Judi Schmidt/Patch - $115.
4. Judi Schmidt/Minnie                          4. Anna Guthrie/Riddle
5. Judi Schmidt/Patch                           5. Anna Guthrie/Tikkle
6. Brian Jacobs/Moose                         6. Russ Mann/Cross
7. Brian Jacobs/Cody                            7. Tom Blasdell/Moxi
8. Tom Blasdell/Casper                         8. Brian Jacobs/Moose
9. Anna Guthrie/Tikkle                           9. Tom Blasdell/Casper
10.Russ Mann/Cross                            10.Brian Jacobs/Cody
Sat. Non-Pro:                                         Sun. Non-Pro:
1. Walt Tharp/Oreo - $142.50             1. Walt Tharp/Oreo - $142.50
2. Lyn Clark/Sean - $47.50                  2. Cynthia Easley/Spur - $95.00
3. Cynthia Easley/Spur - $47.50         3. Russ Cross/Cross
4. Sharon Tharp/Meg                            4. Lyn Clark/Sean
5. Russ Mann/Cross                             5. Sharon Tharp/Meg
Sat. Nursery:                                          Sun. Nursery:
1. Tom Blasdell/Holly - $150.              1. Judi Schmidt/Duke - $150.
2. Anna Guthrie/Raskle                        2. Tom Blasdell/Holly
3. Judi Schmidt/Duke                           3. Anna Guthrie/Raskle
                    High Point Buckles plus Added Money: 
OPEN:                                                     NON-PRO:
1.Tom Blasdell/Heifer - $124.            1.Walt Tharp/Oreo - $84. 
2. Judi Schmidt/Minnie - $90.             2.Cynthia Easley/Spur - $55.
3. Anna Guthrie/Tikkle - $63.
                       Nursery:  1.Tom Blasdell/Holly - $84.        


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