Why purchase a Border Collie with papers and reputation?

At CQ’s, we believe that owning a Border Collie is not only great fun but an investment in the world’s smartest dog. The breed’s storied history is part of the excitement of owning a ABC,A registered animal. Because the breed is so intelligent and active we believe its important to purchase an animal with history. Our puppies and young adults each have a history.  

At CQ’s, we understand the breed and can advise you with all your Border Collie questions as your dog grows.

At CQ's, pups are tested at 3 weeks, 4 weeks & 5 weeks of age with items that test for the herding instinct level.  At 6 weeks of age the pups are tested in a round pen with 3 head of sheep to confirm their instinct level.  After testing is completed, buyers will pick the pup at a level that fits their lifestyle and needs.  We believe that all Breeds of working pups should be tested for their herding instinct level before purchase, this is a responsible breeds job.

Price of pups & what is included:

  • $600.00 / 50% deposit
  • Wormings
  • 1st 5 way puppy shot (at 8 weeks)
  • Guarranteed for 6 months against any birth defect
  • Guarranteed to turn on to livestock on or before 6 months of age
  • When pup turns 4 to 6 months, pup can return to CQ's for 2 weeks Obedience or Stockdog Training (one week is included with purchase of pup & one week new owner will pay $200.)


Training Fees:

  • Evaluation - (the herding instinct level is an inborn pattern of behavior that is characteristic of each dogs breed) - $40.00
  • Lessons - $40.00
  • Practice only - with 3 head of sheep or 3 head cattle - $25.00 / use of larger herds - $50.00
  • Two weeks Training - Obedience or Stockdog - $400.00 (includes: dogs room, board and two lessons for owner)
  • Additional one week at a time - $200.00 (includes: dogs room, board and two lessons for owner



  • Located at my ranch - $50.00 per dog per handler/ additional dog - $25.00 each


 *DEMONSTRATIONS - *Niles, Fremont Ca. & *San Jose, Ca. *Lee's Feed, Lockeford, Ca.




Dogs & handler for hire :

  • To gather stock - $50.00 per hour + gas to and from location.
  • cutrquarters@gmail.com